2017 Receding Hare Line

     Fees for 2017 will be only $150.oo

Date  Run No.  Run Name  Hares  Venue Details
25/9/2017   2484  The Dragon boat run Zit   Yowoggera park,          
 Sandgate road,
 Albion, adjacent to the Dragons rowing club.
         2/10/2017   2485  ExCommodores Run    Vaseline & Anchovy   Windsor Park
 McDonald Rd
 Windsor Q. 4030 
 9/10/2017   2486   Ocktoberfest Run   Divot, Virgin & Pushup Mowbray Park,
Park Ave
East Brisbane.  Lederhosen, Bratwurst und Sauerkraut mit Bier after run
 16/10/2017   2487  Snappys Birthday Run  Snappy Tom
Normanby Hotel
1 Musgrave Rd,
Red Hill
 23/10/2017   2488  Fingers First Time (FFT) Run   Fingers
Milton Park, Nerida Lane, Milton.  (Access via Milton Road OUTBOUND only or park in Eagle Terrace)
 30/10/2107   2489  TBA Grewsome TBA
 6/11/2017    2490  Melbourne Cup Run   Divot   Pineapple Hotel
 Main St
 Kangaroo Point. 
 13/11/2017   2491   Moreshit Run No 9   Moretein & Shitbags  Paddington Hotel
 Given Tce
 20/11/2017   2492   Re-run Run   Miles O'Toole & Little Arseplay    Salisbury Hotel
 Toohey Road
 27/11/2017   2493     AGPU    
 4/12/2017   2494  Birthday Run   VD   TBA 
 11/12/2017   2495   Red Dress Run     
 18/12/2017   2496  Kids, Dogs & Waterbombs Run   Vaso, Minder    
 25/12/2017   2497   Santa Run   TBA   TBA 

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