Brisbane knows how to hash.............. 

Ours is a Men Only Chapter with Monday Night Runs at 6:15pm all year round. Runs are generally within the Brisbane environs, which means within 20Km of the city centre, but on average much closer.

 Runs attract approximately 30 runners each week. Brisbane has much bushland close to the city and an abundance of suburban parkland, creeks, mangrove swamps (If you are lucky you may experience the famous Nudgee Beach Run, lots of shiggy!!)

  So why not put us on the calendar if you are visiting Brisbane, Australia. 

 Verbal Diarrhoea  GM 2020


For 2020 the fees are only $160.  

Transfer them with your Hash Name as the ref.
BSB 484 799
A/c 001170611
Country Membership also available. EMail Hashcash for details.





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