The 2017 Brisbane Hash Mis-management team.

Position   Hash Name
Grand Master  Royal Screw
Joint Master  Shitbags
Hash Cash  Scruffy
On Sec  Craft
  Ass On Sec  XXXX
 Monk  Divot 
 Ass Monk   Irish Joke
 Choirmaster  Brengun
 Head Trailmaster  Bugs
 Hash Horn   JC 
 Brewmaster  Even Optus & Leech
 Hash Flash  Tweety
 Walkmaster  Virgin & Mortein
 Rafflemaster  Handjob & Barebum
 Hash Liason   Radar 
 Webmasters   Tweety & VD 
 Special Events  Irish Joke


 What a great mix of "youth" and "experience" we have!
 Between us we have been to over 9000 hash runs covering at least a total of 69000 kms and consuming a minimum of 24000 "fizzy drinks" following those runs!!!!!!!





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