Brisbane Hash - Our 40th Anniversary Weekend

Jackoff and XXXX

Jackoff, Gold Digger and XXXX at the Waterloo

bh3 40th

Shat listening to Boxa explaining Nuclear physics at The Waterloo

the old boys

Lustwaffe (oopsss I mean Luftwaffe), Weevil and Hard Cock reminising about their ice hockey days with Cream Puff.

legal eagles

Beach Ball & Little Arseplay

best & less

Best & Less with Tightarse and friends


Craft & Mu


Tampon, Dimprick, Little Arseplay & Cream Puff


Divot & Radar


Chips and Handjob keeping Boobies company


The pack loitering at the Story Bridge Hotel waiting for the buses.

On the Buses

The looks of eager anticipation on the way to the run

Cruising down the highway to hell

Getting close to the venue now!

Pissing in the wind

Thank god we arrived!!!!


Getting ready for the run

The hares getting in early with excuses

The hares getting in early with excuses

40th runners

The walkers heading out

The circle

Our GM Handjob introducing the Monks for the Day

Cardinal Kimbies

Cardinal Kimbies and Whorator take control of the circle


The Whorator orating


Irish Joke having a nap whilst standing up


Slab getting ready for the ice


Pussy Licker getting iced

waste o time

Waste O'Time & Leech cooling off

packing up

The changing of the Hash Horn from Cellar Rat to Chips

push up

Pushup finally getting his nice blue sheets replaced (There's a story there)

story bridge

Barebum and Mortein enjoying the city view from the Story Bridge Hotel




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