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semper in excretum est

Memory Lane - The 1970's & 1980's

The first Ballsup

From left Pommy Bastard, Whiteant, Gomez, Moults, Sir Lancealot, Snap, Sprung, ThisDayTonight and Push up at an early Ballsup, 1976!
The first Canal Run

The first canal run, mid year at the Cascades Broadbeach, must be 1974 Membrane with XXXX can
The Hash Horn in 1977

The Hash Horn

VD blowing his own trumpet during his slim years

Little Arseplay - Our GM in 1979

Little Arseplay - GM 1979

Little Arseplay has hardly changed at all.

JC in 1979

JC with a fag

JC was an all round sportsman in those days

Our 400th Run

The pack finishing the 400th run in 1979

Who can you recognise?

Little Arseplay with Lesbian II

LA with Lesbian II

Taken just before Rule 1 was introduced

Snot R.I.P.

Snot in his heyday

Snot was always full of class

Our 150th Run in 1974

150th Run in 1974

Photo courtesy of Pushup who remembers the following names from this photo -

Widow, Membrane, Dolly, Baldy, Taffy, Pig, Buffoon, Leadball, Raincoat, Superscrew, Pushup, Any Old Iron, Skippy, Mousegrass, Jungley Jim, Easy Rider, MaeBrest the Walking Tit and Phrendley (as distinct to Friendly Phil who came later).

A list of the attendees at the 1984 Interhash in Sydney courtesy of Layup